Home Remedies For Dry Hair and Split Ends

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about what is the best treatment for dry and brittle hair the best hair treatment for dry and brittle hair is simply healthy hair practices so I hope you weren’t hoping for this video to find the secret ingredient with a secret product to fix your hair issues it really starts with the way that you treat your hair by giving it basic needs so in this video I will be addressing 6 reasons as to why your hair may be dry and or the first reason as to why you may have issues with your hair being dry or brittle is because of the way that you handle your hair was a constant manipulation that your hair goes a lot of people that doesn't make sense because it combing my hair or wearing my hairstyle house is bad for my hair if you all for manipulating your hair is to comb your hair by continually combing it while it's wet or dry and putting too much tension on your strands this leads to breakage the more your hair inappropriately sheds the worst your hair condition get in sometimes this leads to dry here and brittleness also even with the styles you wear if you change your style and manipulate your hair every single day you probably have an issue with keeping your hair moisturizing which leads to dry and brittle hair so make sure they handling your hair is at a minimum just enough to get your style said and then to avoid over manipulating your hair with styles just for a couple of styles maybe a couple times a week or throughout my month my 2nd reason as to why you may be experiencing brittle or dry hair is because of the overuse of sulfate shampoos so first of all using sulfate shampoos on African-American hair is stripping because sulfates are a very powerful cleansing agent so the more sulfates you have on your hair more dryer it leaves your hair after you wash so make sure that when you are using shampoos is free of sulfate and it's very cleansing on your hair in the description box below I have a link in the description describing why sulfates shouldn’t be used on your hair and also give my suggestion with the shampoos that I personally you and shampoo that I suggest for your hair the reason as to why your hair may be experiencing these issues is because is not balanced with enough moisture so across the board with African-American hair whether you can relax your hair or your hair is natural you have to always make sure you have either enough protein in your hair for you are lacking that or enough moisture in your hair but the biggest thing with natural hair is making sure it stays moisturized while the biggest issue with relaxed hair is make sure there's enough so to to test whether or not my hair has enough protein or moisture in it is to test your hair while its is wet and product free while your hair is wet and product free simply run your hands along your hair and also comb your hair as well if your hair seems to feel extremely springy and it snaps or it easily breaks you have to much protein in your hair you want to incorporate more moisture also if you combing your hair receives the stretch way longer than what is supposed to and often snaps of feel very limp or gummy then you probably have too much moisture in your hair and you want to incorporate protein so also in the description box below I have a link to how to black hair website and I talk about what you want to use to make sure you balance your moisture and protein with your my 4th reason as to why your hair may be dry or brittle is because is in constant contact with moisture absorbents so just think about the things that you put on your hair what you lay your head one when you go to bed with you wear a hat or scarf or any type of materials on your head you really want to make sure they stay away from cotton and wool because they are very absorbent materials now its fine to use a cotton towel when you are drying your hair you don't want to where these materials on your hair all day or every so make sure when you go to bed to protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle by either using a silk pillowcase with your pillow or wearing a silk scarf to protect your hair also if you have a favorite wool hat or cotton hat line your hat with some form of material that won’t absorb moisture from your hair so the 5th reason as to why you may be experiencing issues with your hair is because the ends of your hair are naturally more porous this simply means that the ends of your hair are the oldest which makes it harder for it to hold them moisture hair gains leads in as you go down more towards hair strands you start to lose more scales that is on the outside of your hair shaft the scales that are on the outside of your hair close to constrict to keep them moisture in it opens to release moisture so as your hair becomes older especially the very and he doesn't have any scales to keep moisture inside of your hair so even when you wet it sometimes it seems to just get dry that's why it's very important that when your hair is wet you use some type of oil to keep the moisture trapped in to help your hair remain moisturized so this very thing is something that you can fix it and if you tried everything maybe your hair is naturally on a little bit of the dry side so my final and last reason number 6 is why you may have dry and brittle hair is because you need to cut trim or dust those ends so make sure that you keep on top of this when it's necessary your have to cut your hair every 3 weeks 4 weeks or 8 weeks you just want to look at your hair and be able to see where damage is if you notice that you have a lot of single-strand knots at the ends of your hair or you notice a lot of split ends then is probably time to cut those ends off and you don't have to go drastic you can simply twist each section of your hair and small sections and user scissors to snipped those very small frayed ends this will help your hair a lot from feeling dry and brittle so me personally when I went natural I was natural for about 2 years before I even cut my hair and my hair was at the same way for a long time and I'll have a few stringy strands that stuck up for my hair because I wasn't trimming my hair every day my hair felt dry and brittle no matter how many moisture treatment or protein treatments I did but as soon as I cut my hair my hair was perfect it beautiful and actually held moisture in a lot better so make sure you're trimming your ends when you notice that they are starting to get a little ratty for a little see-through ish you want to make sure that you cut them so your hair can remain healthy so those are my best tips for treating your hair when he is dry and brittle remember that there is no secret ingredient or product is going to fix your hair situations you first of all to have to have healthy hair practices in order for your hair to grow and flourish so be sure to check out for more articles and how to videos like these

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