Do I have Alopecia Areata ? African American Hair Care

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from in this video I want to discuss the topic of the difference between traction alopecia in areata alopecia so there's definitely a clear significant difference between the two and in this video I'm really going to hit on the subject with three main pointers to help you distinguish between the two so the first point that I want to mention is if you are forcing hair from your scalp so what I mean by this is when you're getting your extensions installed whether their braids or twists or simply sewn on your head you want to make sure that the style is comfortable that your scalp doesn't feel tight hairstyle is not a good thing and I don't know why women think it's such a good thing to have really tight hairstyles because it really doesn't help the style last any longer than having it comfortably installed and then over time when you constantly get your extensions done tight it eventually starts to lead to hair loss so with women who have traction alopecia you start to notice that the hair line starts to recede and even parts of their hair will be missing especially around the temple area of their head so when you are getting your extensions installed please make sure that it's done so comfortably you should not be in any pain after your hair is finished so on the terms of areata alopecia is this is it something that triggers hair loss when you don't wear delete tight styles or you don't manipulate your hair as much and you do the best that you can seem to continue to lose a lot of hair at the root then there's a big chance that you are suffering from areata alopecia and I'll suggest that you speak to someone of their profession to help guide you and give you professional advice on how to deal with that hair condition so the second pointer that I want to make on the subject of alopecia is if you take birth control medicine so there's a lot of confusion about taking certain birth control medicines and then having hair loss but that doesn't equal alopecia the difference with traction alopecia and areata alopecia is the areata alopecia is triggered by your immune system so your immune system is attacking the hair on your body which may sometimes you may sporadically lose hair or there will be a long moment in time before you lose hair or grow hair back again so this is something you can't control this is something that your body is automatically doing by attacking your hair follicles now with traction alopecia this is caused by your forces put on your hair whether you aggressively handling your hair or wearing styles that are constantly pulling on your hair and scalp so when we talk about birth control with alopecia the two don't mix because you can hair loss and hair breakage because of birth control medicine that you take but birth control medicine doesn't start areata alopecia and also traction alopecia is an birth control medicines because it's something you're doing on your head versus a medicine that you're taking from the inside so my last and third points are that I want to talk about the subject is by stimulating hair growth so when you have areata alopecia it's very hard to control your hair because your immune system is determining what it wants to do so there will be brief moments of time where you may lose some of your hair or even lose all of your hair and this doesn't necessarily mean you're going to lose all the hair on your head to some extreme cases you can there's times where you just lose hair in certain spots or maybe on the hair on your armpits or private areas or even your facial hair like your eyebrows and eyelashes won't grow or will have a hard time going back in so what you can do if this does help your situation is to use essential oils to stimulate hair growth now essential oils are very strong extracts from plants so when you place these oils on your head most times it very tingly or sometimes they can actually burn if you have too high of a potency but you do want to make sure that you use 100% pure essential oil that is not so that you can get the best to help with your hair in a description box I have a link to my website where I am actually talking about the essential oils that you want to use to help promote and encourage hair growth so what you can do with these oils is simply take a couple of drops mixed with some of your favorite oil and rub it on your scalp you want to make sure that you're using enough to where you're not uncomfortable but you do feel a slight tingling sensation on your scalp and this also can be helpful for those who have traction alopecia when you traction alopecia that doesn't necessarily mean you have permanent hair loss but they can get it can get there if you don't stop what's going on and take control of the situation and at the same time you can use essential oils as well make sure that it's not diluted but when you do apply it to your hair and scalp that it is the bullet so that you can help encourage hair so that all three of my best point is that I have to talk about traction alopecia and areata alopecia and also to help distinguish between remember that traction alopecia often results from tight hairstyles in his outside forces that you're placing on your hair and areata alopecia is an inside force because of your immune system attacking your hair so that gave delete you a clear understanding and to help you determine and understand your condition a little bit be sure to go over and check out for hair information and hair videos like these

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