How To REPAIR Hair Breakage With Home Remedies!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about how to prevent hair breakage with African-American hair this seems to be the biggest question with African-American hair because our sense to go through so much breakage sometime so I will be addressing the different things that you want to do to your hair or that you don't want to do to your hair to make sure that you prevent your hair from so much breakage the first reason as to why you may be experiencing breakage with your hair is because you have a lack of protein in your hair now for those of you who may have natural hair this is something that most natural girls don't have an issue with but if you chemically relax your hair this is a problem you always have to fight with your hair when you relax your hair you're breaking up the protein bonds that your hair is made this is our hair is mostly made up of protein this weakens your hair and leaves it prone to breakage so to make sure to fix this issue that after your relaxing treatments you use some type of protein treatment for your hair to stop your hair from breakage the second reason as to why you may have issues with hair breakage is because you don't have enough moisture in your hair if your hair is lacking moisture and often doesn't feel elastic and it often feels extremely hard and brittle and even dry at times so to make sure that your hair isn't going to continue the great you have to use some type of moisturizer to keep it supple what is best is to use water-based moisturizers because this gives you the best moisture for your hair so whether or not you use a conditioner spray or you make your own concoction with oils and glycerin and other materials you just need some way to incorporate moisture once your hair to prevent breakage from happening in a description box below I have a link to my actual website where I talk about the different moisturizing things I do to my hair to prevent hair breakage so that reason as to why you may have issues with hair breakage is because you have hard water or simply mineral buildup in your water if you place with hard water because you can kind of tell your hair won’t cooperate with it sometimes will either be immune to some products or as some people say or nothing you do actually works out the best for your hair when you have mineral buildup on your hair this wager hair down because your hair can’t absorb it so it simply sits on top of your hair shaft and minerals that are naturally occurring in our waters things like so for calcium and even some metals so to make sure that your hair is isn't breaking from the minerals laying down your hair you want to use a very good cleansing shampoo to remove these mineral deposits so also the description box in the same article I have an article talking about the different shampoos or specific things that I use to free my hair mineral buildup since I live in an area that has hard water my fourth reason as to why you may have issues with hair breakage is because you use sulfate shampoos or you simply use too much sulfate in your shampoo African-American hair tends to be more on the dry side so using shampoo that has very stripping cleansing agents like sulfates are bad for our hair you want to make sure that you use things that are clear of anything ends with ates or ate so check the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle the same as any soapy the best natural shampoo that I like to use for my hair is Dr. Bronners Castile Soap or Dr. Bronners Castile shampoo this is free of sulfate has natural ingredients in a gives you a very good clean so probably the reason why your hair is always breaking is because you're using very stripping shampoos which are unnecessary for our hair my 5th reason as to why you are experiencing breakage with your hair is because your hair is always in contact with moisture absorbent materials so the number two culprits of moisturizing stealers with your hair would be cotton and wool you want to make sure that you stay away from those materials with your pillowcases or like if you wear your hair down in your hair is brushing against the shoulders you want to make sure that your hair isn’t being absorbed by these materials because it often leads to breakage when your hair is dry as most prone to breakage so make sure that when you go to bed at night you simply wear your hair with a silk scarf or a silk pillowcase and even line some of your favorite hats as well to help keep your hair healthy and vibrant and supple so my last final reason number six is why you are experiencing damage with your hair is because you're doing time for a trim a cut or simply to dust the ends of your hair when you avoid this issue because you want to retain length this does the opposite because if you have breakage on your hair it will just Continue to break because it's broken so if the ends of your hair split ill just continue to split work as well the way up to your hair is gone so make sure that when you see any damage or you have a lot of single-strand knots or split ends or the ends just look frayed and see through that you just cut the ends off if you ends always breaking then as fast as your hair is growing its breaking which will look like my hair is a growing because he needs to make sure that you trim your damaged ends by keeping up with this this prevents breakage because there is nothing that continues to break so if you need to make sure to cut your hair with hair cutting shears since these scissors are designed for cutting your hair don't use household scissors because this will give you a very rugged cut and expose hair to the elements and making easier to become damaged use hair cutting shears to cut the ends to make sure that you stay on top of keeping your ends healthy so that all the high-stakes reasons as to why you are experiencing breakage with your hair there maybe a couple of tips that you're already doing what if you're experiencing breakage there's obviously something that you must start incorporating with your hair also be sure to go over and check out for more information on hair and also other how to hair videos as well

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