Why Your Hair Won't Grow Past Your Shoulders Or In The Back!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter on an in this video I will be addressing the reason as to why your will not grow as certainly so this length maybe its chin length maybe it shoulder length maybe its mid back length in this video I will talk about why it's hard for you to get it to grow at a certain point and will also be offering you tips to help that situation as well so the first reason is why you came here to go past a certain point will apply to those that chemically relax your hair reason why may be hard for you to reach a lengths is because naturally you protein in your hair so when you get a relaxer done it starts to break down the protein that makes up your hair since your hair is made up of protein and water ana a relaxer disrupt protein binds which leads your hair straighter after you remove the relaxer because you're doing is you're making a protein bonds week in your hair which gives you a line of protein for your hair so a way to make your hair more stronger and durable you have to put protein back and by doing protein treatments second reason of why your hair may be hard to go past certainly with your chemically relaxed or not is because you have a lack of moisture in your hair if you always try is going to continue to break until this moment and let so that's why having chronically dry here is dangerous if you are trying to grow your to the your hair have to always just slightly stretching enough in feel like is strong enough to endure your styles so however you choose to moisturize here do so maybe you need to condition wash her hair or start incorporating that into your hair and or maybe you should condition wash a lot more often even also you can use some type of sprays with water and you favorite condition in it to put moisture back into your hair you will notice that if you are lacking moisture by incorporated into your hair Regiment you will see your hair reach lengths my third reason as to why it may be hard to grow your hair longer is because you are over manipulating your hair or you are experiencing a lot of overkill what I mean by this is that over manipulation means you have your fingers in your hair you are always stroking your hair or touching it playing with your curls it is tempting as it is when you get your hair done her styled please resist but you can do this if your way extensions but if this is your real hair please keep your hands out of your hair when you set your style down until it's time for a style is that switching up to style every day or every other day just wear it for a little while so that you're not constantly manipulating your hair the more manipulation you doing on your hair with your combing her styling over in your to the greater you increase the chance of experiencing hair breakage so this may be the very thing that's making it hard for you to grow your hair aslo product overkill if you using products for every single thing with your hair to fix split ends to fix broken ends to fix dry hair to fix over protein hair to fix all these issues with your hair its going to weigh your hair down it is going to be hard for your hair to retain length your hair is always growing no matter what is breaking off his back is a growing it won't look like your hair is growing at all the 4th reason as to why you may have issues reaching new lengths with your hair is because your hair is in constant contact with moisture absorbents moisture absorbents are simply materials the rob your hair and your scalp of water from moisture itself and these infamous materials that are commonly used our cotton and wool so think about things that your hair is going in contact with throughout the day is your hair constantly brushing against your shoulders do you sleep on cotton pillows do you always wear your favorite wool hat you want to make sure you're protecting your hair in the situation so that it doesn't become more dry and then break and then you go through a vicious cycle of trying to keep your hair growing longer so what you want to do is either cover your pillowcases with silk pillowcases you can even wear a suit scarf or even line your hat with silk so to be sure that you're trying to have your hair in the best condition as possible by keep them away from constant material that constantly rob your hair of moisture so my last and final reason number five of why it may be hard for you grow your hair past a certain length is because it's time for you to cut dust or trim the ends of your hair so the more you go through your hair journey in trying to really make your hair healthy and have your hair to grow longer and longer you are going to notice the different things that your hair do when it's time for certain things your hair goes dry you know that you need to start moisturizing it more often or when your hair feels very brittle maybe you need to lay off your protein products but the one thing that a lot of women like to avoid I really don't understand why is because they have to trim their hair when they need to trim their hair me personally what I went natural I refuse to trim my hair like okay do the best I can for my hair I'm using the best products for my hair my hair will never need to trim little did I know my hair had actually regressed in two years’ time and I was just so baffled like why isn’t it growing why is it so straggly at the ends and why does the ends look so see through and it was because I wasn't trimming my damaged ends when I first went natural I didn't have a lot in to begin with because my permed (relaxed) hair kept breaking so by letting it stay continue to split I had hardly any hair and I almost had to do a full-fledged big job with the class average a couple of inches so you want to make sure that when you're is a little raggedy or little flimsy which is not one right with your style it's probably time to cut your without your ends is going to continue to split you cannot be retain length so if you don't want to grow longer hair never cut your because that's exactly what will I hope these tips were helpful; for you as you're trying to figure out what is it that stopping you’re going to longer lengths so if this video was helpful make sure to leave some comments in the description box below and also go on over to for hair information in videos like these

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