The Best Hair Extensions To Buy For Your Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special blogs I like to answer all of the questions that you all send me via email if you want to send me any additional questions or a specific question that you would like answered make sure to go to the description box below this video for additional information so without further do less jump right into the blog in this blog is inspired by the question that Yolanda sent me Yolanda asked me what's the best hair extensions to where she told me that she is very new to extensions you don't know what to buy or to trust or what to do so she personally asked me was the best hair extensions for her to buy and there's two very important aspects in the way to answer this question because not one specific answer tailors to everyone so when you figure out what you want to achieve with your hair you will know which direction to step into so the very first question I want to tell her or the very first answer I wanted to let her know about how to get the best hair extensions is to buy virgin Remy hair this is the best hair extensions there is because it's real hair its hair that is donated from different kinds of people predominately from Indian women who donate their hair through Indian temples so you have a problem with wearing hair that's sacrificed to gods or that has been donated for whatever reason they you don't have to you can buy different kinds of hair whether you buy from the store or buy it online you don't have to buy virgin Remy hair but to get the best hair extensions you want to buy virgin Remy hair and virgin Remy hair's hair that has all of the cuticles online and it's also hair that is not been altered in color or chemically treated so what I mean by all of the cuticles online is that the way you buy the hair it has been outlined on its track piece or in a bundle in a direction that the hair would grow naturally from the out so if you notice that when you rub your hair or smooth your hair down wants way feels really smooth but if you go the opposite direction and rub your hair up against itself it will feel very hard and stiff and that's because your scales on the outside of your hair like to lie down really flat against your hair cuticle so virgin Remy hair is hair that has all the cuticles for the hair shaft going in the same direction so that when you touch and feel it's very smooth to touch so to the very important answer to that question is that you want to buy virgin Remy hair because it's the best hair extensions to wear with your hair so the second answer to this question is also really important because I don't know what kind of hair style she wants to wear with her hair Yolanda only told me that she was that the best hair extensions and that she's new to weave so that's why I assume she wanted to know the best hair to use but I'm not sure is what kind of style she wear me personally I have natural hair so I love extensions that manipulate or can take on the shape that my natural hair has I have afro textured hair specifically I have 4C hair so the best extensions that I will wear whether I’m buying tracks or braiding hair is to buy hair that has a very kinky texture or that has an Afro look to it so say for instance I want to wear fro but have really want to be super big and I want it to be the same pattern same look as my natural throat texture hair I will buy extensions that I can sew onto my braids that have Afro hair extending out of it so when I saw the extensions it looks I have a huge Afro and the same thing goes for you if you have maybe 4A hair 3C hair 2B hair its so many different types of curl patterns that you can buy did not necessarily virgin Remy hair but may be synthetic hair that it fibers or low-grade human hair so the second part answering this question is that you want to buy hair extensions that will manipulate (correction imitate) your natural hair pattern so if you do have four be curl patterns you want to buy some extensions that look like you are for be curls so that when you so that once your hair or you braid the extension hair into your hair is going to look like your own natural curl pattern below in the description box out some links to the different type of extensions you can buy and I really took the time to find the different curl patterns that will apply to those of you who have different curl types so one way of looking at what’s the best hair extensions to buy isn't just flat out by virgin Remy hair extensions the hair lasts for years and it feels just like human hair it is human hair you do all of the same things you will do to your hair to keep the hair fresh and clean and then on the other in the best weave to buy when you want to take on your own curl patterns is to buy hair that it resembles and looks very similar to yours so with my hair I can pretty much manipulate any current pattern and I want not really the very way be curl patterns so what I would do if I bought some extensions that look like 3C I would to strand twist my hair and let air dry and then unravel them which is my leave out so that way it can blend in with my extensions so Yolanda I hope that question is definitely or the answers to your question definitely has helped you because I know you're new to extensions to take your time first figure out what kind of hairstyle you're looking to wear for little bit and I will suggest doing like box braids and Senegalese twists to just getting used to having extensions on your hair and then go up in value as far as buying more expensive kinds of hair to give you a feel to what you want to achieve with your look so I hope this answers has definitely helped you all while watching as well thank you so much for watching and if you have any questions you can send you email all of the information is in the description box below so thanks and see you all my next vlog

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