The Best Shampoo For Dry & Nappy Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be addressing what is the best hair shampoo for black hair sold the be shampoo that works best for my hair and the best for your hair my be the best that works best for your hair or that works for mine so there is no universal shampoo or product that applies to every single person with American hair use simply want to make sure that the shampoo feels best and works best for your hair individually so in this video I will be addressing a couple of things they you really want to make sure is inside of your hair shampoo so you have the possible shampoo that best for you are hair my first tip for using the best shampoo for your hair will be to aim for ingredients in your shampoo that are natural so try your best to find shampoos that contains as much for as many natural ingredients as possible sometimes you may only need a couple of ingredients to really give you the clean that you like or you may like to shampoo product to have more ingredients in them or even specific kinds ingredients so the favorite to use that I like to use when I'm washing my hair is to use Dr. Bronner's castile soap so the description box below I have a link to my website that addresses all of the possible shampoos that you can use that are natural g I give a lot of great suggestions as to what you can try or experiment with when choosing your best shampoo so the thing is to make sure that it has as many natural ingredients as possible make sure you can pronounce the name such as water protein aloe vera juice or even Shea butter or oil such as olive oil or jojoba oil make it your goal that the ingredients in your shampoo are as natural as possible because this best for your hair so my second tip is to make sure that the cleansing agents shampoo are curl friendly for your hair so even if you may not have curls your hair may be chemically relaxed you may have a straighter hair texture you still want to make sure that you are using cleansing agents in your shampoo that is so stripping on your hair African-American hair in general does not require very heavy cleansing agents to clean our hair simply because number one the pure nature of our hair and number two because we produce generally lower sebum production than others which means that you produce less natural oils on your scalp to keep in moisture by using really strong cleansing agent such as sulfate is really stripped your hair and make the dry sometimes unmanageable because of the very nature of this ingredient so there's a couple of things that you do want to make sure that you have as cleansing agents in your shampoo that work best with your hair below in this description box I have in article where I discussed the topic of this video and I suggest the various materials or ingredients that need as cleansing agent in your shampoos so feel free to check that out to make sure that your shampoo line so that is best working for your will test for choosing the shampoo so those are my best tips for choosing the best shampoo for your hair remember your hair is different from the next person so the shampoo that's best for you may not be best for someone else your hair may even favored different types of oils and products as well so be sure to look out for those things you already love on your hair to be inside of your shampoo I hope this video was helpful and I hope I've helped you to pick a better shampoo or to assess your products so be sure to check out for more articles and video tips like these

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