Greenhouse Method With Braids For Growth!

Breanna Rutter



Karen wonders if the greenhouse effect will keep her hair healthy in braids. 


#1 The greenhouse effect will keep your hair healthy in braids


The green house treatment traps the heat that leaves from your scalp to remain within the vicinity of your head for product penetration. Deep conditioning this way should be done with a plastic head covering like a shower cap or plastic shopping bag and then to tightly seal the bag with another form of protection to keep the plastic enclosed around your head such as using a large towel or t shirt to wrap outside of the plastic covering for more protection. This is great for deep conditioning but an overnight deep conditioning treatment isn’t necessary because your hair can only hold so much water and product.


#2 Your hair can only absorb so much water and protein


Your hair does not have infinite space so deep conditioning overnight will not allow your hair to absorb any more moisture than what you can with a 15 minute deep conditioning treatment. Doing this process can lead to pimples on your scalp because the product is in smoldering your scalp for such a long period of time which causes dandruff and product to remain trapped on the surface of your scalp. The green house method is not suggested because it does not add any more value to the health of your hair that a deep conditioning process can.


#3 Alternate with a leave in moisturizer and protein moisturizer every other day


To keep your hair healthy in braids, it is best to liquefy your leave in moisturizer or deep conditioner and protein product in a couple of spritz bottles for easy application. Bringing your products down to a watery consistency allows for the product to easily slip through your weave to penetrate your real hair since that is your focus of hair care health. If you need help finding products such as protein leave ins, deep conditioners or leave in moisturizers, please refer to my books for a wide range of options and DIY hair product recipes.

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