Frizzy Hair Ends & Damaged Ends Hair Treatment Repair

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Latasha has frizzy ends even when straightening her hair and no matter what, styles do not look good so what should she to prevent frizzy ends when she straightens her hair. 


Hair Tip #1 Dry Damaged Hair Usually Looks Frizzy


If you hair is dry and/or damaged, it will look very frizzy all over. If all of your hair looks evenly frizzy, it is likely that you have dry hair and to repair that, a deep conditioning treatment or a leave in conditioner is required to tame your hair as it moisturizes. If your ends are severely frizzy, it’s likely that the ends of your hair are damaged so a trim or dusting is required to get rid of your damaged hair. If you need help finding the best hair care products for your hair, refer to my book so that I can help you choose the products that are best for your specific hair needs.

The Black Hair Manual Book
Hair Cutting Shears for Trimming Split Ends


Hair Tip #2 The More Humid your Environment, The More Your Hair Will Swell and become Frizzy


Humidity causes your hair to swell and the higher the humidity levels are in your climate; the harder it will be to fight frizzy hair. One of the best ways to prevent frizzy hair naturally is to use oils that serve as a sealant for moisture. Heavier oils and butters will significantly block moist air (humidity) from penetrating your hair which causes it to swell with water and result in frizz. For greater protection, using silicones that are not water soluble are great for preventing frizz when you desire to maintain straight hair. Below is a list of oils and butters that you can use a sealant to block water out naturally from your hair.

Shea Butter
Mango Butter
Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Argan Oil


Hair Tip #3 Try Straight Weaves instead of Straightening Your Hair Often


If maintaining straight hair is difficult because of your frizzy hair, opt instead for a straight weave that conceals all of your real hair or most of it. Wearing a full sew in weave allows for you to conceal all of your hair and give you the look of straightened hair for as long as you want until you remove your extensions. If you want to leave out a little bit of your real hair for more versatility, you will have to just focus on making sure that you leave out is neat and sleek since your straight hair extensions will naturally remain straightened.


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