Natural Hair Growth Journey Tips + Length Retention Tips

Breanna Rutter


Crissy is convinced that black hair grows slow because she takes great care of it but her length does not show all the hard work she puts into taking care of her hair.


Hair Tip #1 Naturally Curly Hair Experiences Shrinkage Which Hides Your True Length


It's a given that natural hair shrinks and depending on your texture and curl type, you will experience shrinkage dramatically or subtly. Implementing a healthy natural hair growth regimen will greatly increase your length retention efforts. Check out my book if you want to learn how to develop a natural hair care regimen to walk step by step through your hair growing efforts!


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments Of Black Hair Care


Hair Tip #2 Keep Your Hair Moisturized and Trimmed


Following a natural hair care regimen for dry hair will definitely help you to retain moisturized hair! Depending on how well your hair can retain moisture, you may need to incorporate the LOC method. Keeping your ends trimmed is just as important as using moisturizers to maintain a healthy level of elasticity.

Learn the LOC Method HERE

Learn how to trim your hair HERE


Hair Tip #3 On Average, Hair Grows ½ inch Monthly 1 Year = 6 Inches


Understanding the growth cycle of hair will help you to understand what realistic growth looks like so that you can detect if your growth is on track or not. Give or take, everyone's hair grows an average of half an inch every month so you will see length even if you experience shrinkage.


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