How Can I Make Thick Hair More Manageable? Natural Hair and Relaxed Hair

Breanna Rutter


Tamantha loves her thick hair but also it is hard to detangle, style, and manipulate. How can she make her hair smoother.


Hair Tip #1 Seal In Moisture for Moisturized Hair

Sealing your hair with an oil that is non-shaft penetrating is best for slowing down the rate of water evaporating from your hair. Keeping your hair elastic will minimize a great deal of breakage which is how you acquire manageable hair. Below are a list of oils that are suggested for keeping your hair moisturized and supple.


Shea Oil

Shea Butter


Hair Tip #2 Your Smoothest Hair Will Come from Experimenting With Hair Products

This is done by customizing your own homemade hair care products or by purchasing quality hair products that have the ingredients in it that work best with your hair. Understanding how to decipher between which products will work best for you hair depends on how well you understand the characteristics and natural of hair. Refer to my books for hair care knowledge as well as hair products suggestions that will work best for your hair.


The Natural Hair Bible

The Black Hair Manual


Hair Tip #3 Try Blow Outs Before Styling Your Hair for Manageability

Using a blow dryer and paddle brush for blow outs on natural hair is great for stretching your hair so that it becomes more manageable. If you have very coily or curly hair, using heat to stretch your hair is only recommended if your hair is already healthy. If you plan on using heat to stretch your hair, make sure to deep condition first or use a protein leave in product (depending on the state of your hair prior to blow drying).



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