How Do Black Girls Get Long Hair Fast

Breanna Rutter


Rawonda wants to know if black girls can really grow long hair and if so, how to get it to grow faster without hair damage.


Hair Tip #1 Chemically Processed Hair Is Most Prone to Breakage

Chemically processed hair can be healthy if cared for properly but processed hair is at a disadvantage as far as optimal level of health because its natural integrity has been compromised from a chemical processing. Popularly with black girls, many of us relax our hair and or color our hair and this makes it that much more difficult to retain length because you are making your hair more susceptible to breakage. Breakage near the ends needs to be prevented to keep your hair growing longer so minimize or totally eliminate any chemical processing that you do to your hair.


Hair Tip #2 Curly Hair is More Prone to Hair Breakage than Straighter or Looser Curled Hair

Curly hair on the other hand is also more prone to breakage that straight wavy or loosely curled hair because curly and coily hair tangles very easily especially near the ends. When you have curly, coily and especially afro hair, you have to keep your hair stretched as often as possible to minimize shrinkage which in turn minimizes breakage. Stretching your hair can be done with braid outs, twist outs and other types of stretching styles. Using heat like doing blow outs or straightening your hair is optional but, if you want to do everything you possibly can to retain length and grow longer hair, it is important to not use heat because this causes dryness which leads to breakage.


Hair Tip #3 Identify Your Hair Type and Understand How To Properly Care for Your Hair

Identifying your hair type and according to the Andre Walker Hair Typing System and the LOIS Hair Typing System is EVERYTHING! There are so many pitfalls you will encounter when trying to grow black hair long if you do not understand this basic physicality of your hair. Knowing your curl pattern and type of hair will reveal your porosity, which most importantly, points you directly towards which products will work for you in keeping your hair healthy as you grow it long. The Natural Hair Bible focuses on hair typing and foundational products that will work best for your hair and The Black Hair Manual focuses specifically on choosing the best products for your hair.


The Natural Hair Bible

The Black Hair Manual


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