Can I Color Relaxed Hair? | Soft, Fine Short Hair + Box Braids Takedown

Breanna Rutter


Akai wants her hair colored after she takes down her box braids but she thinks that may be risky because she already has relaxed hair and very fine short hair as well.


Hair Tip #1 Maintaining Relaxed and Colored Hair Is Very Susceptible to Hair Damage


The easiest way to loose all of your hair is to double process your hair! Double processing your hair means to add more than once chemical process on your hair and in this case, that would be a chemical relaxer and a permanent hair color! DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE!!! Your hair will suffer so much breakage that most of your hair care regimen will be focused on deep conditioning treatments, moisturization and protective styling. Adding heat to double processed hair is not safe but can be done safely when all in all, double processing your hair should always be avoided. IF YOU MUST RELAX & COLOR I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU SEEK A PROFFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST!


Hair Tip #2 Choose Relaxed Hair or Colored Hair to Maintain Healthy Hair Easier


To get the hair you want you have to choose which one of these chemical processes you would rather have so that you can give your hair the best chances to actually retain health and length. Do you want color more than a relaxer or do you want a relaxer more than you want color? A single process is much better for the health of your hair than a double process so for whichever you choose, seek this chemical application from a professional hairstylist. If you must process your own hair, you have to follow your own discretion even though I advise against chemically altering your hair without professional assistance.


Hair Tip #3 To Temporarily Add Color, Wear Colorful Ombre Box Braids Instead


Ombre Braiding Hair

Apply a semi-permanent hair color to your hair to give you a hue of color that you would like to see show up on your hair. Using semi-permanent hair colorant will not give you a bright hair color if your hair is dark but it can give you brighter results depending on how light in color your hair is. For example, a red semi-permanent color will show up bright on blonde hair, great on brown hair and okay or barely there on black hair. This coloring is not a chemical process since it does not penetrate your hair shaft or require lifting of your natural color so doing this in the comfort of your home is safe and perfectly fine. If you do happen to do this on your hair, do so to your discretion or seek assistance from a professional hairstylist for your best results!


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