Sew In Braid Pattern Thinning My Hair | Bald Spot on my Crown

Breanna Rutter


Shavonda thought sews in were good for her hair but obviously not if she has had the same bald spot for over 1 year and she thinks it the same braid pattern


Hair Tip #1 The Same Sew In Braid Pattern Will Train The Parting Of Your Hair

Change up the direction that you choose to braid your braids as well as your braid pattern. If straight back braids work for your sew in braid pattern, slightly slant your braids at the beginning as if you are braiding a design but still braid them straight back.

Hair Tip #2 Try Two Beehive Braid Patterns or Three for Thick Long Hair

Braiding your braid pattern base for your sew in should be braided in a beehive braid pattern if you have thin or fine edges and also a double beehive is great for hair in this condition as well as if you have thick hair as well. Alternate the direction of your braid to prevent your hair from training as this reverses the direction of the tension of your braids.

Hair Tip #3 Learn How To Do Your Own Sew In Installs

It’s great to be self-sufficient by teaching yourself step by step how to do a sew in on your own hair without having to pay someone else to do your hair. Sometimes it can be difficult booking with a reputable stylist considering the fact that they are usually in demand and that’s why it is such a great investment to teach yourself how to do a style that will continue to save you time and money!


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