Peppermint Essential Oil Hair Hair Growth & Benefits| Deep Condition & Hot Oil Treatment

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Melissia wants to know how often to use it essential oils on her hair also, she notices that it dries fast but smells good. When would be a good time to use it for her hair.



Hair Tip #1 Essential Oils are Predominantly Used for Messaging the Body


The original usage of essential oils has always been for therapeutic reasons but this is not the limits of these oils! Essential oils are very potent, highly volatile and and multi purposed. These truly are healing oils because they can nourish and heal the body on the inside and the outside.



Hair Tip #2 Essential Oil is also used for Hair Growth, Restoration, and also Dandruff and Dry Scalp


Peppermint essential oil stimulates blood flow rather than stimulating the dermal papilla (which is where the growth happens). Sage, Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils are responsible for stimulating the dermal papilla which strengthens but more importantly stimulates hair growth that many desire an increase of! Below are a list of essential oils you can use for hair growth.


Peppermint Essential Oil (stimulates blood flow)

Sage Essential Oil (not recommended while pregnant/nursing)

Lavender Essential Oil (kills fungus that stunts hair growth)

Rosemary Essential Oil (stimulates the most hair growth)



Hair Tip #3 Incorporate It Into your Hair Regimen or just Apply Topically When Needed


This can be done daily but you have to MAKE SURE that you mixture of essential oils couple with carrier oil(s) aren’t too strong for your skin! Essential oils can irritate many individuals in small doses so you have to make sure that you patch test a small area of you scalp to see if you have a positive or negative result from applying these oils. Per ounce of carrier oil I suggest 3-5 drops total of any essential oil of choice. Below are lists of carrier oils that will work beautifully with your essential oils.


Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Virgin Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil


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