How To Grow My Daughter Hair | Children Hair Growth!

Breanna Rutter


Zateria has a 6 year old daughter and it seems like her hair won't grow even though she has always used quality hair products.



Hair Tip #1 Style Her Hair as Infrequent as Possible That Doesn't Require Styling Maintenance


This is on of my highly recommended hair growth tips especially when in regards to length retention. One of the simplest ways to grow long hair is to do children hairstyles that require minimal manipulation only out of necessity to last until their next wash day. If you are looking for ways to grow black hair faster and longer, it's as simple as styling it and leaving it alone especially in regards to curly and kinky hair!



Hair Tip #2 Make Sure She Sleeps With a Silk Scarf, Try a Silk Bonnet If Her Scarf Slips off at Night


Beside the hair growing tips offered in this video, you have to preserve your children's hairstyles with the protection of silk or satin material. Using a satin bonnet or silk bonnet will greatly protect your child's hair throughout the night by preventing friction which causes frizzy hair and hair breakage.


Silk Pillowcase
Satin Pillowcase
Silk Bonnet
Satin Bonnet
Silk Headscarf
Satin Headscarf



Hair Tip #3 Trim Off Split Ends and Single Strands Knots, Overall Hair Damage as Soon as Possible


Trimming damaged ends is a must if you want to grow your hair long because length retention is only possible if you keep your child's hair healthy and just as important, prevent the ends from breaking. Spitting ends will continue to split if you are not trimming; cutting those ends is the best way to grow your child's hair out. You must only use hair cutting shears that are exclusively used to cut your child's hair or the ends will suffer more after an unclean rugged cut given by dull scissors.


Hair Cutting Shears For Trimming Split Ends and Damaged Hair

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