How To Make Black Hair Grow FASTER & LONGER!

Breanna Rutter



Falicia is relaxed and if she does go natural, will her hair grow longer and faster without a relaxer because her hair is always thin from relaxers.


The question always asked is "Can black people grow long hair?" and the answer is simply yes but it takes a combination of hair care methods and products to achieve this!



Hair Tip #1 Relaxed Hair and Natural Hair only Thrives with Proper Care


You can grow long relaxed hair and long natural hair by implementing the proper hair care techniques and hair care products to achieve healthy thriving hair. This is the secret to growing black hair long because the more you complicate your hair care practices, the more difficult and tedious the process becomes when all you want to do is grow long hair. You can learn more information on both natural hair as well as how to find your best products for natural hair and relaxed hair in some of my hair care books.


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandment of Black Hair Care


The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Care Products



Hair Tip #2 For Thick Healthy Relaxed Hair, Consult with a Licensed Cosmetologist


To properly care for and treat your hair with a chemical relaxer, I highly suggest that you seek this service from a licensed stylist. This is not to say that you are incapable of relaxing your own hair at home because many individuals do their own relaxers, but since this does involve the application of a highly corrosive chemical, please leave this in the hands of a licensed professional. If you treat your hair with a relaxer on your own, do what is best for you as an individual.



Hair Tip #3 Check out my Books To Learn How To Grow Healthy Long Hair


To grow long hair you have to acquire hair care knowledge to learn the ins and outs of hair care and hair growth. Depending on your type of hair, you may have a genetic advantage to grow your hair long without suffering from breakage or dryness. Even if your hair has a tendency to have dryness and tangle issues, there are plenty of ways to get around these issues to grow your hair as long as you want for your hair to grow. Visit my website to learn additional information on what things you can do to grow longer healthier hair.

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