How To Fix Damaged Dry Hair Extensions

Breanna Rutter


Kara is new to wearing virgin Remy hair extensions but her new hair has started to look dull and dry.


Hair Tip #1 Use Quality Hair Products to Keep the Hair Moisturized & Healthy


This is my most referenced tip to fixing any situation with your hair because hair products are used to preserve the health of your hair. Avoiding ingredients like sulfates, silicones and petroleum are very important for keeping extensions of the highest quality healthy. Check out my book if you need help figuring out what hair care products will be best for your hair.

The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Care Products



Hair Tip #2 For Extra Moisture, Incorporate the LOC Method


This is very helpful for curly hair extensions because it will take a little bit more effort to maintain your hair extensions. The LOC method is a moisturizing technique that involves the order in which you must layer your hair care products on your hair for optimal moisture retention.


Check out the LOC Method HERE



Hair Tip #3 Hair Not Of Quality Will Deteriorate No Matter What


This is common with many who have purchased their hair extensions just to find out the fact that they don't have quality hair extensions! It's important to check out extensions reviews to prevent suffering from a hair extensions disaster. To avoid the need to repair damaged hair extensions, what's mandatory first is the fact that your extensions are of great quality and in time, they will prove themselves!


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