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Breanna Rutter


Brittane asked this question because she has been using a deep conditioner that has silicones in it and she does not experience hair a problem so why is there such a stigma with silicones in the hair community.



Hair Tip #1 Silicones are great for Heat Styling and getting Humidity Free Straightened Hair


Silicones can be used to protect your hair against frequent heat usage and also from the heat of using a high heat setting to style your hair. I do not recommend going over 350 degrees to straighten or style your hair with heat but often times, this may not lead to bone straight hair as preferred by many. Anything over 350 degrees is not safe for your hair and this can lead to heat damaged curls or breakage and dry hair because of the level of heat used. Going over 350 degrees can work for some but to each its own!



Hair Tip #2 Silicones for Temporary Hair Emergencies: Shiny Hair and Mending Split Ends


Silicones are like a temporary band aid for hair situations such as dry or splitting ends. Silicones are also a great way to keep your color looking fresh because a silicone glaze prevent your color from bleeding from your hair especially in regards to permanent red hair color and semi-permanent hair colorants because their molecular and chemical composition. Silicones do not prevent splitting ends, this ingredient just slows down its progression and covers up the issue temporarily when you are in need of a hair emergency. Use hair cutting shears that are only designated for your hair to prevent cutting your hair with dull scissors that will leave you with a rugged cut and worse hair damage.


Hair Cutting Shears To Trim Damaged Ends



Hair Tip #3 Use Water Soluble Silicones To Help Chronically Dry Hair PEG 8 or Higher


Using silicones that are labeled PEG 8 or higher are water soluble therefore, they will not cause product buildup or breakage! As soon as you wash your hair with a mild shampoo, water rinse, or a co wash, these types of silicones will effortlessly slide off of your hair shaft. This is great for increasing your hairs ability to retain moisture with the help of these advanced curl friendly silicones.


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