Wearing Weaves To Grow Out Natural Hair For Protective Hairstyles!

Breanna Rutter



Keletso wants to wear weaves with her 4a type hair but she doesn't want to have heat damage either.


Hair Tip #1 Wear Weaves That Match Most Perfect With Your Natural Or Manipulated Hair


Shop around for hair extensions that match the curl pattern and texture of our hair best so that your extensions will look seamless when you blend you real hair into them. Also if you want to install your extensions yourself, check out these hairstyling DVDs to help you with your look!

Partial Sew In DVD
Invisible Part Sew In DVD
Full Net Weave Sew In DVD



Hair Tip #2 For Braids or Twists Use Kanekalon for Kinky Textures of Hair and Toyokalon for Silky Textures Of Hair


The texture of your braiding hair can make your twists or braids look seamless or disastrous so make sure that you are choosing the appropriate texture of braiding hair to help you achieve the braids or twist you desire. Also if you would like to learn how to perform these styles on your own hair, check out these hairstyling DVDs to assist you with your look!

Toyokalon Braiding Hair
Kanekalon Braiding Hair

Cornrow Braids With or Without Weave DVD
Senegalese Twists DVD
Havana Twists DVD
Box Braids DVD



Hair Tip #3 You Can Wear Looser Curled Hair If You Manipulate Your Hair With Larger Rollers

To wear extensions of a looser curl pattern, you have to mimic its look by using hair rollers to achieve a similar size of curls. Using rollers to mimic the look of your extensions prevents you from using heat to style your hair and this is great when you want to avoid your chances of experiencing heat damage with your natural hair.

Magnetic Rollers
Perm Rods


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