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Izza is tired of the way her sew in smells and even though her stylist suggested for her not to wash her hair until her next install, she is very sensitive to smells and she can't take the stench anymore!


Hair Tip #1 Wash your Hair with a Sulfate Shampoo for Deep Cleaning


Sulfate Shampoos Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Brocato America Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two
Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo

Washing your hair with a sulfate shampoo strips EVERYTHING from your hair and scalp such as dandruff, mold, mildew, product buildup and also unfortunately, your natural oils. Don't worry about your natural oils being stripped because you will later add oils and moisturizing products back into your hair after this deep cleanse.


Hair Tip #2 Deep Condition Your Hair and Scalp With Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil Anti Fungal Properties


Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil 
Tea Tree Essential Oil

Coconut oil and Tea Tree oil are a dynamic duo when coupled together because they both offer the best antifungal properties in comparison to other essential oils and carrier oils (oils from plants). You have to use organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil (even though it is pricier) because this extraction of oil has more nutritional value and potency to recover your hair instead of using just "coconut oil".


Hair Tip #3 Apply Diluted Anti Fungal Essential Oils to Your Scalp and Hair Before Styling


And also to keep your scalp dry if you like to wash your sew ins or workout while wearing a sew in, using tools such as a hooded dryer or a bonnet dryer can stop you from having a wet or damp scalp.

Hooded Hair Dryer (use with a handheld hair dryer)
Bonnet Hair Dryer


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