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Lisa likes my videos on YouTube and she recently went natural but struggles with a thin hairline even though she wants to wear sew ins. She needs help with natural hair care for beginners with and she is wearing 3 month old braids "kink twists"



Hair Tip #1 Do Not Apply Tension To Your Hairline To Allow Growth and Repair

Individual braids are one of THE WORST styles to wear because some of the braids or plaits rely on the strength of your weak edges. Cornrow braided hairstyles are one of the preferred hairstyles to wear if you cannot go without extensions as they are less damaging on your hairline when installed comfortably.

The Cornrow Braid With and Without Extensions DVD



Hair Tip #2 Try Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Silk Head Scarf 
Silk Bonnet

Growing edges with castor oil, specifically Jamaican Black Castor Oil will DRAMATICALLY show improvements in your hair growth if the follicles of your hair have not been permanently damaged and you REPEATEDLY USE THIS PRODUCT to yield the best results on your hair. Also, protect your edges at night with a silk head scarf or silk bonnet as this offers maximum protection from friction and moisture loss as you sleep during the night.



Hair Tip #3 Hairstyles for Thin Hairlines are Crochet Braids and Roller Sets

The Crochet Braids DVD


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