Damaged Hair To Healthy Hair | How To Get Damaged Hair To Grow

Breanna Rutter



Alicia can't afford to visit the salon as often as she used to and considering the fact that she has color.
It has been an ongoing battle with damaged hair and she needs hair care advice.



Hair Tip #1 Deep Condition Your Hair Every Week


Deep Conditioners for Colored Hair Rated 5 Stars (BEST RATINGS)
Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask
It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask
Brazilian Hair Treatment Goat's Milk

Deep conditioning your hair weekly is necessary to turn your dry hair into moisturized hair so this will take some time to re balance your hair with much needed moisture. Weekly deep condition treatments are a usual hair care staple when you have colored hair as this also depends on whether or not your color was achieved through a single process (deposited color) or a double process treatment (bleaching and deposited color)



Hair Tip #2 Incorporate the LOC Method two times a Week



The LOC Method is a moisturizing technique used to keep dry hair moisturized. L stands for liquid (water) or leave in moisturizer, O stands for an oil sealant and C stands for a hair cream. If this is done at least two times a week on your hair whether you have natural hair, relaxed hair, transitioning hair, or colored hair, you will see a SIGNIFICANT difference in how long you can sustain natural hair.



Hair Tip #3 Keep Damaged Hair Away with by Dusting your Ends


Hair Cutting Shears

Hair cutting scissors or shears should only be used on hair and depending on your how advanced you are, you may opt to have certain scissors for dry cutting and wet cutting. If you are comfortable with cutting your own hair, than trimming or dusting your ends should be simple and easy. If you do not have much experience with trimming the ends of your, its better to leave that trust to someone skilled whether their a friend, family member, or professional.


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