Why Don't Black Girls Hair Grow? Black People Hair Don't Grow?

Breanna Rutter


Hannah asked this question becauses she is biracial and people always tell her she has “good hair” because it grows fast but is it really true that its really hard for black women to truly grow long hair.


Hair Tip #1 Black is naturally more prone to breakage unlike our straight haired friends because at every bend of our curls, waves, coils, and kinks, is an opportunity of breakage. Now add a chemical relaxer, daily flat ironing, and tight braids to the equation, and it will be just about impossible to grow long hair!



Hair Tip #2 Black hair is also more dry because our natural hair and scalp protectant (sebum) cannot effectively reach down the strands of our hair with ease to protect the hair from losing moisture/water.


Jojoba Oil is the ONLY oil that closely mimics sebum



Hair Tip #3 There is hope! If you have a good hair care regimen, limit your use of heat and chemical treatments, you WILL GROW LONG HAIR! The process truly  works everyone.


Think about working out for a moment, if you ate right and worked out every day for 6 months, you would see weight loss and if not, your body will build muscle and look more shapely.


What if you treated your hair well and took the necessary steps to maintain a good hair regimen, would you see growth in 6 months?

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