How To Do Black Girl’s Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Shelly asked this question because even though she’s white, she wants to know how to do black hair just as good as anyone else and she doesn't know how or what to do considering the fact that she went to cosmetology school and they didn't teach her much.


Hair Tip #1 You have to understand the needs of black hair and how to style black hair to treat black hair well. This information comes by research and practice.You have to research what the needs of black hair are (addressed in my book) and you have to know how to style black hair and what tools are appropriate for use (addressed in my book and through my various dvd tutorials).


My Hairstyling & Hair Care DVDS


Hair Care Regimen + Trim

Patra Braids (Jumbo Box Braids)

Box Braids

Senegalese Twists

Micro Zillion Braids

Net Weave Full Sewin

Invisible Part Sewin

Cornrow Braids

Crochet Hairstyle

Yarn Braids

Kinky Twist

U Part Wig

L Part Wig

Full Wig


Hair Tip #2 When you understand how to keep black hair moisturize and you have practiced proper manipulation techniques, begin to practice styles. The best way to start is with an afro textured manikin head. Practice styles with and without extensions so check out my online store for hairstyling dvds as well as check out my channel for tutorials.


Ethnicn Manikin Head for Practicing

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