Blowdry Natural 4C Hair Bonnet Hair Dryer: Blow Dryer Demo For Thick Curly Hair Product Review

Breanna Rutter

No matter if you have natural hair or relaxed hair, at one point or another, being able to blow dry your hair can make life just a little bit easier!
A struggle with blow drying hair, especially thick curly hair, is that it takes a long time to dry your hair and, some areas may be dryer than others.
Using this bonnet has saved me so much time in my natural hair care routine/regimen because I am able to allow my hair to blowdry on it’s on while checking email messages or going over tasks that I have planned.
Don’t be afraid to use this as it aids you even with a natural hair roller set or a relaxed hair roller set.
A little heat never hurts every once in a while!    

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