How Can I Stop My Hair From Shedding So Much?

Breanna Rutter


Tanish asked this question because every time she detangles, she thinks that she is losing more hair than normal so I hope this video helps you!


1st Answer: If you take medications or overdose on vitamins, that may be a side effect so check with your doctor.


2nd Answer: Do you practice good hair care techniques?

Do you use heat? Does your combs have seams?

Do you rush when detangling?

My Hair Care Regimen With Techniques


3rd Answer: Its natural to look like you shed a lot of hair especially if you have thick and or curly hair. Think about it. 50 strands of straight thin hair will look small compared to 50 strands of thick curly hair. The more time that passes by before you detangle your hair again, the more hair you will naturally shed.

My Hair Care Vlog About Shedding


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