Box Braids START TO FINISH In 5 Minutes!!!

Breanna Rutter

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To achieve the Box Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(10) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair
Braid Sealer
Hair cutting scissors
Hair gel
Hair Water Spray Bottle
Hair Ties/Head bands
Bobby pins
“Baller Status” By Breanna Rutter

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This is Breanna Rutter from and I'll be teaching you how to do box braids to do box braids makes you grab a package of braiding hair and remove the rubber bands after removing the rubber bands you are going to pull on the very ends of the hair because you are going to make sure to taper the ends this allows for your braids to end with the natural ending instead of a blunt cut ending so now at this point you are going to make sure to use a comb to part out a square amount of hair that you want to be the size of your box braids, box braids are about double the size or more of a micro braid or about half the size of a jumbo braid for demonstration purposes only I am going to be teaching you how to do a box braid with blonde braiding hair so make sure that you divide the hair with a small section going around and then the other section on the other side and you are going to position your hands on the hair for braiding so insert your less dominant hand through now grab this dominant hand and make sure that you open up your index finger and your middle finger and thumb to pinch one of the legs now as you are adding hair you are going to be opening your index and thumb to grab all of your real hair in the appropriate section you have already sectioned once you do that you are going to begin braiding so the leg that's on top you are going to move it to the side you are going to twirl your hand outward to create a little gap opening near the root insert your index finger to grab that leg data to add it to the other hand now in order to do an individual braid you got to do the same process on both sides so now at this point you are going to twirl that left hand so that way you can create a little opening and you are going to use your index finger to grab the piece of leg of the braiding hair that was at the bottom you are going to keep doing this back and forth depending on which hand has two legs of your braid whichever hand has two legs it has to slightly rotate to create an opening so you can hook your index finger if you still need that extra help to get down the process of doing a box braid I highly suggest that as you watch this tutorial you are practicing along the way so that you know exactly how to position your hands and how to rotate each leg your braids so that way you can create your individual braid once you have braided down far enough you should be able to move your hands to a more comfortable position so that you can finish braiding the length of your braid and as you braiding the best way to make sure that your hair does not stick out the braid is that you have to smooth with your fingers as you when you're braiding when you are done clip off the excess hairs that stick out of your braids so that you have neat looking braids when you are finish braiding them so now I'm going to show you with black braiding hair because my braids are going to be the color of my hair the same technique is done but i showed you with blonde hair so that it’s a little easier to see but realistically you might be braiding with dark braiding hair so in order to do this make sure that you are following the exact same techniques you did with the blond hair every time you have to legs of braid in your hand you have to rotate your hand outward so that the other hand with the index finger can scoop up a leg so now it’s the opposite way where your right hand has to scoop up a leg with index finger you are going to keep working your way back and forth to create this braid so I was able to let go of my braid without it unraveling so at that point you are going to position your hands to go to the side of you that you can finish braiding your braid with more ease if you have a sensitive scalp I highly suggest you do not braid your braids extremely tight to your head because that could cause some irritation or some pain you could feel uncomfortable so to make sure that your braids aren’t causing any unnecessary tension try not to braid them too tight after you finish you are going to use your scissors to trim off the excess hairs that sticks out the braiding hair and when you're all done you are going to do the hot sealing to the ends now you are only going to lower the ends of your braids into the water to seal them you do not have to seal the entire length of your braces the ends by doing this you are preventing your braids from unraveling which is going to give you more longevity with your hairstyle to make sure with your towel that you squeezing all the excess water out and you are using scissors to clean up any frayed undesirable ends another way you can seal your braids is to use a braid sealer this is so cool because what it does is it melts the tip of the hair to the perfect shape without you having to roll the tips with your fingers after you finish braiding all of your braids this is how you style will look box braids are such an amazing software because they're just as versatile as any other individual braid style and this is probably one of the most popular ways that many women like to wear their hair so that way they can retain length or just have some versatility and when taking down your braids make sure to clip the very ends or make sure the clip up high with your scissors if you know exactly where your real hair ends if you don't know where your real hair ends make sure that you are unraveling the full length of the braid to avoid cutting your real hair now as you near the top extremely gentle and careful to be sure that you're not yanking your hair as you can see the hair can slide right out so once again I am going to show you to make sure you cut at the length that you believe your hair is not at so you don't accidentally cut your hair and then began unraveling your braids until you can slide the hair off or simply just take it all the way down my unraveling it thanks for watching the box braids tutorial for updates on new hairstyling tutorials follow me on Instagram @BreannaRutter

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