Cornrow Braids With Kanekalon Hair START TO FINISH In 6 Minutes!!!

Breanna Rutter


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To achieve the Cornrow Braids Hairstyle, you will need these hair supplies;

(5) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair
small cold water/wave rollers
Hair Ties/Bands
Bobby pins
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This is Breanna Rutter from and I'll be teaching you how to do cornrow braids with weave to begin make sure that you first to determine exactly the width you want your braids to be so use the end of your rat tail comb to part a section of hair that goes from the front of your head to the very back of your head make sure that as you are nearing the back that the width of your braids become a little bit thinner so that way you can effectively braid all of your braids to the very back of your head after that detangle your section of hair and then apply little bit hair gel to the ends keep your hairs slick as you are braiding now take your bundle of braiding hair and pinch off a section of hair that you are going to be using to create your cornrow braid and once you pinch that section off divide this hair into two parts one part will be a third of the original size and one part will be two thirds now grab the smaller size which is the one third wrap it around the biggest length which will be two thirds so that way you have three equal legs of a braid now take your dominant and your thumb index and middle finger and pinch it where the two parts need now grab your other hand and insert it through you hair and wrap your hand around so that you can put one of the legs between your pincher finger your thumb and your index grab a very small section of hair in front so that your braids start at your hair line and then what you are going to do when you add it is that you are going to twirl your right hand to effectively take your index go underneath the braids now this may seem a little bit confusing but as watching you will notice that the same process is done with the left hand them back to the right hand and then back to the left hand over and over and over again to create a braid so when you're creating a braid every time you have two legs of your braid one hand you have to twirl that hand to the outer side so that way you can loop your index underneath and grab an outer leg the best way of knowing how to cornrow braid is to follow along as you watch this tutorial because as you are seeing the movements you can mimic them yourself to effectively create a cornrow braid so now with the free hand grab that one leg twirl this hand on the outer edge insert your index scoop of the hair was on the outer edge so that that became the middle leg now as you see it more at a faster pace you understand that the same processes for both sides was always watch this tutorial in the slower version and make sure that you are doing exact same movements to create your braid so now more of a faster speed you will notice that has a braid to scalp you can simply move your hands across to braid down to the ends now I am going to show you this cool trick to make sure that all of your braids are equal in length you want to grab all of the braids and smooth them up to make sure that you are grabbing them at the same length so that way to look at your braids to tell which are shorter and longer now in order to make it braids are even at the same length you have to cut the ends of braid where you want to team when it cut straight across after that you take down the to the braid just a bit and then you going to cut the loose hairs at an angle so that way when you re-braid it the tip of the braid comes to a point and it looks like what it originally should look like with tapered ends after you do this you are going to grab different size cold wave water rollers so that way you can get the rollers into the water without bringing up a lot of water with it is you use a sponge roller it’s going hold lot of water as you are twirling the ends make sure that what you finished well in the tips that you roll the length of the braid against the self and then you are going to put plunger on the other side to close it of now be very careful and lower each braid one at a time until your braids can fit into the cup you don't want the hot water to forward spilling out for to where you can effectively do all of your braids only do enough braids that you feel that the cup had room for or bowl or whatever you choose once your pulling out make sure the towel is in front of you so that it catches all of the hot water in the without it burning you or dripping onto your clothes and then you are going to to squeeze it dry in which dry going to carefully unravel the rollers from the tips of the curl is you don't want to disturb curl or ruin it because it’s still warm after you do that you are going to snip off the little bitty ends if you notice it's not looking is consistent as the entire curl now the reason for using different size rollers is because is going to prevent the tips from clumping together if each of the curls are the same exact size it will clump if you use different size rollers you're making sure that your curls stand out so that it don't clump together because this is the finished results after cornrow braiding and curling the ends of your hair now a very easy and quick style you do is that you create a little side bun with your braids and don't want to with so make ponytail braid it all the way down to the ends then grab this braid and wrap it around itself into continuous circle and then you are going to use bobby pins along the way to keep the bun pinned to your head so you can see this is a very simple cornrow braid style you can do when you are incorporating extensions that your braids now this tutorial simply showing you straight to the back cornrow braids now in order to do different designs all you have to do is part your partings in different ways now when you're taking it down is extremely easy to use your fingers pinch off the very bottom to start separating the legs braid and then continue working away at very to now every time you're taking on your braids to make sure you're preventing damage you want to smooth your hands down the length of your braids so that way your smoothing your hair at the braid thanks for watching cornrow braid tutorial for more hairstyles and updates be sure to follow me on Instagram @BreannaRutter


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