How To: CROCHET BRAIDS For Beginners! (Step By Step)

Breanna Rutter

crochet braids tutorial



Crochet Braids is one of the most classic protective hairstyle for women with natural hair! This braid hairstyle also works perfectly for transitioning hair and relaxed hair. If you never did this crochet braid hairstyle on your own hair before then this is the perfect hair tutorial for you! I will show you step by step exactly how to do your crochet braid pattern on your own hair and then I will show you how to crochet latch hook your curly hair onto your braid pattern. Crochet Box Braids are a little different from Crochet Braids because with box braid you have to crochet them onto your braid pattern base while traditional crochet braids done with loose hair is latched on your braid pattern instead. This style usally takes a couple of hours to do but if you are beginner, this is the style may take you a day just in case it takes you a lot longer to do.Comment down below your video requests so that Breanna can know which hair tutorials you want her to do next! 

Below are some common questions Breanna gets asked about this hairstyle;

How long does it take to do Crochet Braids? It can take you a couple of hours or longer to install depending on your skill level.

Do Crochet Braids Hurt? Crochet braids do not hurt but if your braid pattern is too tight then it will hurt and cause you unnecessary hair loss and scalp irritation.

What hair is best for Crochet Braids? Using any hair from the FreeTress Braiding Hair line are great options to use but for a more kinky look, I suggest kanekalon or Marley braiding hair.

Do I need to have natural hair to do Crochet Braids? No, you can do this hairstyle with relaxed, transitioning or natural hair!

Will Crochet Braids work for short hair? Yes, as long as your hair is long enough to be cornrow braiding then you can achieve this crochet hairstyle.

How much hair do I need for Crochet Braids? You need about 2 to 4 packages of braiding or crochet hair. I used 2 1/2 packs of kinky curly hair that I ordered off You can use as much hair as you like but remember that using over 2 bundles will cause your hair to look extremely full so it all depends on the desired look you want to achieve with your hair.



3 packs of Ringlet Wand Curl JAMAICAN BOUNCE Crochet Hair (Color #T30)

Rat Tail Comb

Hair Cutting Shears

DooGro Hair Growth Formula

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