What Is The Best Natural Hair Book?

Breanna Rutter


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"The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments For Black Hair Care"


The best natural hair book will give you all of the best information you need in regards to going natural and taking care of your natural hair. Every question and concern that you have in regards to your hair is covered in this book in one form or another whether you want to understand the terminology of black hair, how to make the natural transition, and even hair product recipes and techniques that will help you reach long lengths with your natural hair!


Below is a sample of my testimony from Commandment II of my book

"The Natural Hair Bible"(link here)



...At the age of 18, I decided to go natural. It happened with one thought,


I am tired of relaxing my hair and suffering: no more.


That was all it took for me. I knew very little when it came to hair care even though I was great at styling hair. I suffered going natural because of my lack of knowledge and that is the culprit if you are having a difficult time with maintaining healthy hair. The initial experience when going natural with my hair was that I felt like I was driving to an unknown destination without any directions or guidance. That did not matter to me because I would rather be lost and eventually make it to a destination, than experience that creamy crack ever again!

As you may notice, I hate having relaxer treatments. It became completely unnecessary and when I actually sat back and asked myself a pivotal question, that set me on a new and exciting experience within my hair journey...

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